The best way to plan and schedule your workforce

The intelligent calendar for your workforce

We built Cogatech with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Until now, planning and scheduling software has been built for robots, not humans. Cluttered, complicated, ugly.


By connecting with critical business systems in the background, Cogatech does all the heavy lifting for you - from understanding service requests to scheduling the right employee, for the right job, at the right time. And the only thing opened on your desktop will be a sleek, modern calendar.

 We know how important you are for service-focused enterprises - you have to make sure that customers problems are solved and that your operations are streamlined. 


That's why we want to make your life easier.

Workforce scheduling

Our intelligent calendar optimizes and automates workforce planning and scheduling

  • Planning and scheduling employees based on skills, location, qualification or seniority


  • Assigning or moving work orders dynamically


  • Finding the best route in order to minimize time spent traveling

Key benefits

  • Planning and scheduling workers faster and cheaper 


  • Maximizing employee utilization rates


  • Eliminating overstaffing and inefficiencies

The calendar is all you need 



Every piece of software used to plan and schedule workers has the calendar as a central point.


We're bringing real intelligence to the table and do the job in the background - resulting in simple, but incredibly efficient outputs - directly in the calendar.


Cogatech is intuitive and simple - you don't have to train your staff, because everyone knows how a calendar works.

Just say no to complexity.

Planning and scheduling is hard

To schedule and dispatch the right employees, managers need to quickly understand and balance availability, eligibility, service level agreements, and skills.

As demand rises and the number of service orders and workers grows, the increasing level of complexity makes planning and scheduling decisions even more challenging.

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