Cogatech is an intelligent resource planning software. We work with organizations around the world to plan and schedule their workforce.

Our approach towards using artificial intelligence for scheduling is unique - the algorithm learns from various data points and creates optimal schedules for your organization.

How does it work?

When a work request comes in via structured contact forms, our system can understand what needs to be done

Contact form

Cogatech works as well when requests come in via email


Our system can pull data from various databases, such as ERP, CRM, HCM or MMS.

Custom database

Cogatech works in proactive and reactive environments - our intelligence system integrates with your current systems, adheres to your business rules and automatically produces optimal schedules for your workforce.

With Cogatech, there is no need to install another system, hire expensive IT integration firms or train employees on how to use it.

Simple and intelligent, our software performs the complex processes in the background and uses the calendar as the main output, so everyone can use it easily.

The managers will have a clear overview of the entire schedule, almost instantly, saving them hundreds of hours every month.

Employees can use a simple, self-service model. They can do that directly in their calendar, or use our custom-made cockpit for more complex situations.

For example, if an employee clicks on find a replacement, our system will automatically find a similar worker with similar characteristics and will reassign the project to him.

Change time suggestions - a resource can manually change the time or ask Cogatech for one. In this case, our software automatically finds the best time to accommodate all involved parties.


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